• New HIGH QUALITY done-for-you PLR Bundle

    Daily Robots Pack Review If These Are The Questions...

    Can't draw a single let alone a robot?
    Trying to learn the complexity of illustrator or inkscape?
    Don't want to pay a premium price for software?
    Prefer to work out in the privacy of your own home?
    No time to create the designs themselves?
    Want to publish books anywhere at any time?
    New to publishing coloring books and want a flying start? Daily Robots Pack Review
    Looking for done-for-you commercial free designs?
    Wish to be a profitable coloring book author?
    Want to get started right now?

    The robot coloring book niche is a very popular and profitable one... but most marketers will struggle and fail in it.

    And I'll tell you why... You need STUDIO QUALITY DESIGNS to dominate this niche. Not any old grandma's fridge drawings... but GOOD, well-designed drawings that's accurate, informational and entertaining.
    Designing drawings of robots or anything for that matter requires research - which takes time. Sitting down, opening Inkscape or Illustrator for hours at a time is taxing and tiring... and guess what? Yup! It's time-consuming too.
    You could hire a freelance designer and they may charge you anywhere from $30 - $150 per design. Maybe more. It'll save you time.. but you'll end up spending anywhere from $900 to $4,500 for 30 High Quality Designs
    You'll receive 30 Line Drawings in AI, SVG and PNG format. I'm not going to torture you with hype. I'm not going to tell you that the self publishing industry is a sea of floating rubbish and my pack of awesome designs is a beacon of hope in this Self Publishing dystopian landscape.
    You've heard it all before and none of it matters. I'll tell you what matters...You...You and your self publishing business. That's it. I designed this coloring pack with you in mind.
    To give you the best designs you need to dominate this SUPER HOT NICHE. That's all that matters. Everything else is noise.

    This entire package gives you all you need to break into the robot coloring niche with a bang and make your presence felt. Instead of spending weeks creating these designs yourself, you'll have access to this awesome ready-to-use design pack in minutes.

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