• WITHOUT Facebook Ads Launch Jacking

    7Min Sales Machine Review We CAN say this proven system has consistently worked for REAL USERS - people just like you.   7Min Sales Machine Review

    While it's unlikely that you will make THOUSANDS per day using this method, $80 - $100/day is easily achievable and can help you get your business off the ground.



    the traffic sources used are still 100% fresh but may get saturated within the next next 4 - 6 weeks so it's important to jump on this while it's burning hot.


    Frankie Pellegrino is the pioneer of these brand new exciting traffic sources and CPA method. Inside the course he will show you how to implement the method (which takes less than 15mins), via simple, newbie-friendly, step by step training videos.

    7 Minute Sales Machine puts a UNIQUE NEW TWIST
    on one of the internet’s BEST money-making methods: CPA marketing …

    AND combines it with 3 powerful, untapped & FREE traffic sources …

    For an unstoppable profit machine that runs like clockwork.

    Facebook Ads
    Launch Jacking
    Needing an Email List
    Solo Ads
    It’s like affiliate marketing because you make commissions from OTHER people’s offers.

    But what makes it even BETTER? You can profit without selling a thing.
    Unfortunately, far too often:

    People follow systems that over-complicate what is really a SIMPLE process…
    ​Spend unnecessary money on paid traffic …
    Waste MORE money & time on flashy softwares, testing and adding a bunch of moving parts that they just don’t need

    And get nowhere.

    Only about 7% of CPA marketers make ANY decent money …

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